New Quotation Request
1 We receive Request for a Quotation.
Preliminary Planning
2 We make a detail analysis on the feasibility of the project, technologies involved and then develop a detailed System Requirement Specifications (SRS) , breaking up the project into different modules.
3 We craft a Commercial Scheme highlighting Cost of the project, Scope of the Solution, Hardware / Software required for implementation, Time Frame for each module.
4 SRS and Commercial Scheme approval by the Buyer, revisions done as required.
5 We gather basic inputs and recommendations from the Buyer on User Interfaces, Business Process and Functional Flow of the application.
Production & Testing
6 Buyer updated weekly about the progress on development through email updates.
7 Developed codes stored in respiratory at our subversion server for merging and versioning the codes, being developed upon by multiple developers.
8 Frequent testing of the developed codes and reporting of bugs, incomplete tasks at bug tracker. Buyer and Development Team co-ordinating for testing/fixing of the solution.
Delivery & Customer Support
9 After full quality assurance and testing, Developed Codes are delivered and application deployed on Buyer's server.
10 Customer Support to ensure smooth and successful execution of the Application.
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