Database Development & Management

With the increasing globalization, companies have exploited the open-market business environment to cater services and products to a wide range of consumers spread across the entire world. To withstand in this open-market environment and to keep track with consumer's trends, constant and close monitoring of data is required. This importance of data and the way to maintain and process it for effective analyzes and research, has given way to modern day database management systems. Today databases form the backbone of all businesses and are crucial for their success. With the advent of broadband communications, businesses and consumers alike demand real-time access to databases over internet.
            At TechNeedz, by using our expertise in the field of Database Management and Development, We make sure that our customers are ahead of the curve by leveraging custom Database Software Technologies that will improve the operating performance of their businesses. Some of the advantages that our database integration services offer include the following:-

  1. Easy Administration and Maintenance: - Websites having integrated databases can be easily administered and maintained by clients themselves. Users can simply update and manage the websites through the interfaces provided.
  2. Greater Interactivity: - Database driven website offer more interactivity and flexibility to the users. Various interactive elements can be incorporated with the web pages, which in turn, can be personalized by individual users.
  3. Easy Layout and Design Changes: - In database driven websites as content is stored separate from the layout, it is easier to make design and layout changes.
  4. Scheduling and Automations: - Database driven websites also provides the facility to schedule the display/removal of various items on the website. In this case administrators can store the publishing and expiry date for an item in the database and on the basis of the dates defined, the application will display/remove the item from the website.
  5. Easy Migration: - Easy migration from one platform to another enables an application to support multiple database platforms.

We offer a dynamic range of cost effective database development and management services including:-

  • Database Designing
  • Database Administration
  • Data Extraction Services
  • Data Conversion Services
  • Data Maintenance & Backup Services
  • Web Based Database Management
  • Secured Database Application Development
  • Database Optimization & Fine Tuning
  • Analytical Services like Data Mining & Analysis, Statistical & Predictive Modelling


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